Sunday, September 19

Victor Feguer

Convicted March 16, 1961 for the kidnapping and murder of Edward Bartels, sentenced to death. Executed via hanging March 15, 1963 at the Iowa State Penitentiary.


1 Olive

Feguer was put to death for the abduction and murder of Dr. Edward Bartels. Supposedly, Feguer wanted the medications a doctor might be carrying, and went through the phone book calling doctors until the unfortune Bartels answered. Feguer's execution made little impact at the time, though it would become the last federal execution until 2001 due to the Furman v. Georgia death penalty moratorium that soon went into effect. He is still the last person to be put to death in the state of Iowa. One might think his last request of a single, unpitted olive to be a sign of spite, but Feguer was apparently quite well-behaved during his finals days. Perhaps it stemmed from an odd sense of humor, one that would be echoed in the fact Feguer was buried with the olive's pit.