Wednesday, September 22

Ricky Ray Rector

Convicted during 1982 for the murders of Arthur Criswell and Robert Martin; sentenced to death. Executed via lethal injection January 24, 1992 at the ADC Cummins Unit.


Fried Chicken
Cherry Kool-Aid
Pecan Pie

Rector's is, on all accounts, an unfortunate story. After committing a fatal shooting at a night club, Rector had been persuaded by to turn himself in to the authorities. However, when Officer Robert Martin arrived, Rector shot and killed him, then turned the gun on himself. Amazingly, Rector survived his suicide attempt, but with brain damage that was equivalent to a lobotomy. Though his defense argued he was no longer mentally competent to stand trial, he was tried and convicted for both murders, and sentenced to death. Those who thought Rector now incapable of understanding his crimes and death sentence may cite his last meal for further support; apparently, Rector didn't eat the pecan pie, believing he could save it for later.